Acorn Squash w/honey & nut stuffing/topping Recipe [ Cooks Recipse ]

Acorn Squash w/honey & nut stuffing/topping Recipe  [ Cooks Recipse ]


    1 acorn squash

    2 tsp. butter

    2 tbsp. honey

    1/four cup of freshly chopped walnuts

    cut the squash in 1/2 (width-smart) you ought to have 1 pointed end for every half.

    easy the squash very well casting off seeds and stringy material.

    brush squash with butter and upload half of of the honey. area flat side down right into a shallow baking dish after which region half of of the nuts below the squash. repeat for the other half of.

    (i placed aluminum inside the bottom of the pan for smooth cleanup however it is now not vital).

    upload a completely little water to the bottom of the pan and tent with aluminum foil (you need to wrap the perimeters tightly so that you are steaming the squash.

    area in preheated 350 oven and cook dinner for forty minutes or till smooth.

    this recipe can be used as a aspect dish, ideally with meat which you have additionally baked (so that you can completely utilize the oven) and as it tastes exact with baked fowl.

    or, use it as a dessert, in which case reserve the honey until after the squash has baked very well.

    get rid of from oven, permit to chill slightly, spoon out the squash from the shell and positioned it into a blender, be sure to include the honey.

    when you have combined it to a smooth texture, place it in dessert bowls and cowl with the chopped nuts. for additonal uumph, upload a taste of vanilla ice cream. serve warm.