Amish Style Yumasetta Recipe [ Cooks Recipes ]

Amish Style Yumasetta Recipe [ Cooks Recipes ]



    2 lbs. hamburger

    2 tbsp brown sugar

    1/four c. chopped onion

    1 (10 three/four ounces.) can tomato soup, undiluted

    1 (10 3/four oz.) can cream of chicken soup, undiluted

    1 (sixteen ounces.) package egg noodles

    1 (eight oz..) package processed cheese, consisting of Kraft or Velveeta*


    brown hamburger with salt, pepper, brown sugar and onion.

    add tomato soup.

    cook egg noodles in keeping with package; drain.

    upload cream of chicken soup to egg noodles.

    layer hamburger mixture and noodle aggregate in 9x12" casserole with processed cheese between layers.

    bake at 350°f for 30 minutes.