Basic Barbecue Sauce With Variations Recipe [ Cooks Recipse ]

Basic Barbecue Sauce With Variations Recipe [ Cooks Recipse ]


    combine the subsequent components in a huge saucepan:

    1 quart vinegar

    1 32-oz. bottle ketchup

    1 32-ounces. french or western salad dressing

    1 cup sugar

    2 tbs. lemon juice

    2 tbs. ground red pepper

    2 tbs. floor black pepper

    1 tsp. salt

    simmer on low heat until the sauce is thick and creamy. as an alternative, add 2 or three tbs. liquid smoke during the last half-hour of cooking.

    put together primary sauce recipe and upload 1 or 2 tsp. of tobasco or a can of diced inexperienced chilies starting from jalapeno to poblano. top notch with chook, seafood, or pork. quality served with baked potatoes, cornbread, or a plain pasta salad to tone down the warmth.

    honey barbecue sauce: upload half of cup honey to primary barbeque sauce recipe. ideal for chook or cornish hens.

    mustard fish fry sauce: substitute any sort of prepared mustard for ketchup within the fundamental barbeque sauce recipe. great on seafood or fowl.

    garlic barbeque sauce: upload 1 to 3 tbs. sparkling minced garlic, depending on the power of garlic flavor preferred, to the simple barbecue sauce. add up to half of cup of finely minced onions for added zing, or add each half of cup finely minced onions and inexperienced bell peppers for a truly hearty fish fry sauce. makes a bit thicker sauce for use on any sort of seafood, meat, or fowl.